Movie Review: The Town

By:  Cheryl Maxie

Introduction: The Town stars Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively.  Released September 17, 2010, The Town (Warner Bros.) is still in the top ten after six weeks and has grossed over $84,653,000 to date.  Also co-written by Affleck, The Town is Affleck’s directorial debut.

Storyline: The movie opens as Affleck’s crew (Renner, Slaine, Burke and Welliver) rob a Boston bank and take bank manager, Claire Keesey, played by Rebecca Hall hostage.  The plot thickens when Affleck’s character (Doug MacRay) becomes romantically involved with bank manager, Keesey.  MacRay wants to break free from a life of crime, but is held hostage himself by his past associations and family ties.  F.B.I. agent, Adam Frawley (Hamm) brings the  “heat”, one step behind the crew, threatening to bring an end to both MacRay’s life as a free man and to his romantic plans for a future with Keesey.  A trigger happy/best friend (Renner), a druggy ex-girlfriend (Lively) and a neighborhood crime boss, “Fergie” (Pete Postlethwaite) all conspire to keep MacRay tied to “the life”.  Against his will, MacRay is forced to do one final heist.  Rob the biggest game in town, the Boston Red Socks.

What’s Good: Just about everything in this film is outstanding.  Edge of your seat excitement, interesting characters, love and even intimacy are present in this modern day good guy vs. bad guy drama.  Lots of action scenes without overdone special effects keep viewers engaged and wanting more.  Chase sequences are especially good, reminiscent of DeNiro and Pacino in the film classic “Heat”.

What’s Bad: Not much to say in this area.  The only bad part of the movie was it being over.

Summary: The film is a triumph for Actor/Director/Star Affleck.  Exciting and dramatic from beginning to end, the film is a MUST SEE for all moviegoers.   Expect to see a great movie.  It will exceed your expectations and proved that you can still take a simple idea to new heights with just the right talent.  If you can, see it one the big screen.  It’s well worth the ticket price.

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