Bieber’s Gift to Ellen

When Justin Bieber stopped by to see Ellen DeGeneres for her birthday last week, he had a special gift for her.  A lock of the famous Bieber’s hair in an autographed glass case!  Ellen wishing to raise money for one of her favorite charities “The Gentle Barn,” placed the hair on eBay to see what would happen.  In just a few days of bidding, the Bieb’s hair brought in over $40,000!  Wow, now that’s a GIFT!  Read the entire story at

Alivamax – The Ultimate in Anti-Aging Products

Alivamax Worldwide has developed five new revolutionary products to the anti-aging marketplace, which have people around the world singing their praises.

  • Fountain of Youth – Made from premium Shilajit, FOY increases energy, improves mental cognition, boosts the body’s immune system and has been proven effective in controlling diabetes.
  • Anti-Aging Miracle Serum – Called by some “a face-lift in a bottle”, AAMS contains dual peptides and neuropeptides that improve the look and feel of aging skin, producing noticeable results after just one application.
  • Jackie Chan’s XGT Energy Drink – Put a spring in your step with Jackie Chan’s “Green Tea with a Kick” loaded with antioxidants, ginseng, B vitamins, fiber and other special ingredients.
  • Alivamax H2O Supplement – A few drops of H2O in your water turns regular water into “Structured Water”, guaranteed to optimize cell hydration.
  • Alivamax hGC Diet – Lose 23 pounds in 23 days and keep it off with hGC Diet Drops and Supplements.

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