Need Interior Design Help? – Candice Olson to the Rescue

In search of decorating ideas?  Distressed homeowners have no fear.  Candice Olson, Canada’s Top Interior Designer and Star of HGTV’s Divine Design can turn any room into a showplace!

When Candice answers a call for help, she listens with an intuitive ear to what kind of space her clients wish to create.  Then, like a magician, she whips out her pens, paints, fabric swatches and samples to draw a detailed guide for her band of merry helpers to follow.  Next, “The Team” (Chico, The Electrician, Sewing Specialist, Edmond, Paul, The Carpenter and Andrew, The Painter) lead by Candice proceed to have a rollicking good time bringing that vision to life.

Her drawings are legendary and an Art Form onto themselves.  They are usually presented to the client at the end of the show.  As an interior design “Weekend Warrior” myself, it is a delight to watch her transform “Drab and Dreary” into “Inviting & Fabulous”, plus it is always entertaining to see the big “Reveal” at the end of the show.  Wouldn’t you feel at home in one of these rooms?  I know I would.  Catch an episode of Divine Design for yourself and let us know what you think.  Sweet Dreams!

Click Here for more information about Candice Olson, her TV Show and her new Furniture Collection, Fabric Collection and Design Gallery.

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