About the Editor

As an African-American woman who is a native of San Francisco, California, I have been fortunate enough to experience many wonderful things.  The world is truly a magical place, filled with both beauty and wonder.  I am passionate about so many different aspects of  life, I find that writing about just one of thing is an impossibility for me.  I have been called a “Renaissance Woman” by some and I have been known to have at times classic taste, at other times eclectic.  When I admire a beautiful outfit, I find it is the accessories that can transform ordinary attire into something truly extraordinary.  I believe that life is very much like a great wardrobe.  A little art, a good book, a night at the movies, a sumptuous dinner, an inviting room, even a little gossip are what add the spice to what would otherwise be a  drab life.

I hope you will join me as I explore some of “life’s accessories” and when you have a moment or two, I hope that you will share what you enjoy as well.

Welcome to the journey!

Cheryl Maxie


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