Movie Preview – Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

Edward and Bella make it official in the latest Twilight movie “Breaking Dawn – Part 1”, which opens in theaters on November 18th. The Cullen-Swan nupuals spell change for both Team Edward and Team Jacob.  As Bella says “I do” to an eternity with Edward, she leaves behind the life she has know as a common mortal and enters the the world of the Volturi.  Is Bella really ready for the life she has chosen?  Marriage to Edward  means that life will never be the same for her or for anyone she loves.  Has Bella chosen wisely, or has love blinded her to the truth?Watch for yourself and decide.  What would you do with a new vampire husband and a half-breed baby?  And what about Jacob?  Will Bella’s transition to life as a vampire ruin their special friendship?  Join the discussion.  Tell us what you think.  After November 18th Bella’s world will never by the same – nor will ours.

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