Book of the Week

From The New York Times Best Sellers List

Week of December 12, 2010

Synopsis: MY PASSION FOR DESIGN, by Barbra Streisand. (Viking, $60.) A tour of the star’s recent homes includes her photographs of the rooms she has decorated and the art she has collected.

Release Date:  December 7, 2010


Barbara Streisand exposes yet another talent to the world.  She has mesmerized us all with her velvety vocals, made us laugh and cry in her cinematic triumphs and has been an involved and active citizen with her many special interests.  In her new book, My Passion For Design, Streisand invites us into her homes and shares her most personal treasures.  As a lover of art and design, I can’t wait to open a copy of this book and visit with Barbara.  I hope you will too.