Burlesque – The Movie

Like the poster says “It Takes A Legend To Make A Star”.  In the new movie Burlesque, legendary Diva Cher shows us how it’s done.  Cher stars opposite Christina Aguilera in the Sony blockbuster Burlesque, which opened worldwide on November 24, 2010.  The story is a simple one.  Small town girl comes to the big city and wants to become a singer.  What’s extraordinary about this film is the enormous talent of the two stars.  Cher, the ultimate Diva, has been belting out songs to adoring fans for years.  Beautiful, bold and stylish Cher set the standard for female stage performers and continues to entertain us with her ageless sex appeal.  Christina Aguilera has also proven herself to be a consummate performer, her songs rising to the top of the music charts for the last several years.

Reminiscent of Liza Minelli and Joel Grey in Cabaret, the music, choreography, dance numbers, costume changes and lingerie alone in the film Burlesque should be worth the price of admission.  This movie looks like there is something for everyone.  I for one can’t wait.




Victoria’s Secret Has Wings!

The Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS, November 30, 2010.  This year the VS show year was more spectacular than ever, turning a fashion show into an almost Las Vegas style cabaret performance.  Sports themes and fantasy were incorporated into the world of lingerie adding an air of playfulness to the production.  Katy Perry joined the leggy models and entertained us, looking very much like one of the VS models singing her #1 hit songs “Firework” and a medly of her songs “Teenage Dream”, “Hot N Cold” and “California Gurls”.  International recording star Akon also performed a song dedicated to Angels.   VS also gave us a peek behind the scenes, showing the audience how the outfits are designed, how the production staff works with the models and how VS turns stunning beauties into Angels.  We learn through the eye of the camera lenses something about the personality of each Angel through comments made by their fellow Angels.  Models also elaborate on their feelings preparing for and appearing in a VS fashion show.  As a part of the audience this year’s show displays the teamwork achieved by the production staff, designers, musicians, technicians and models. Wing designers are highlighted showing how they utilize feathers, fur, glitter, lace and just about any material available to create works of art that complete the models transformation into a VS Angel.  After all, “you can’t be an Angel without wings.”  The show was an absolute success, a good time for all, breathtaking to watch and an event that anyone who enjoys seeing pretty girls having fun should never miss!

Click on the link below for VS Fashion Show Slideshow:

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