Make-Up Trend: All That Glitters











The “Natural Look” is OUT and Bold/Gold is IN this Spring/Summer according to make-up experts at British Vogue (BV).   Metallics, even Gold Leaf is what you will see at your make-up counter this year.  Everyone is doing it from MAC to Dsquared2, so don’t be the last one on your block caught without it!  As seen on the runway,  BV shows 12 examples of this hot new trend in make-up.  Another notable trend in make-up this year appears to be the “invisible brow”!  What do you think?  Love it.  Hate it.  We’d love to hear from you.


Accessory of the Week











One of the hot trends you will see on both the Couture and the Ready-to-Wear runway this fall is the gloved hand.  Long, short or in between, gloves are once again a major fashion statement.  Gloves in high fashion were extremely popularity during the 1940’s and 1950’s during which time the long glove was often seen being worn with strapless gowns by Hollywood starlets.  During the 1960’s gloves decreased in popularity and remained an overlooked accessory for years.  The population for the most part, returned to thinking of gloves in a purely utilitarian manner.  Gloves, however, can add a new dimension to almost any outfit and are the perfect “touch” to complete your look.  Today’s designers are making gloves available in many different styles, fabrics, textures, colors and lengths.  Even men’s fashion has embraced this trend both as a sporty accessory and as a compliment to evening wear.

Accessory of the Week

The fascinator has made a come-back!  Popular in the 1950’s and often worn by brides, the fascinator has become a “must have” accessory for ladies in the 21st century.  Not quite a hat, the fascinator is usually made of a combination of feathers, flowers and sometimes lace.  Worn on the head, it adds a pop of color, is extremely chic, beautifully compliments a woman’s face and hairdo.  Future Princess Kate Middleton has been sporting fascinators at events in London and fashionable Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker are also adding fascinators to their wardrobe.  Try one on for yourself.  Lifeaccessories would love to hear how adding a fascinator to your look grabs attention.  Click on link below to see fascinators slideshow.